About Lichfield Christian Schools Work Trust

Lichfeld Christian Schools Work Trust (LCSWT) is a Christian charity

specialising in youth work for over 20 years. Over time, the focus of the Trust has changed and developed and it now oversees 4 projects in Lichfield, working in most of the schools in Lichfield. We strive to provide excellent support for our young people and excellent support and training for our volunteers.

Charity number: 1056734
Image by Rod Long


Word on the Street

‘Lichfield Community Mentoring has proved an invaluable addition to the pastoral care system at Nether Stowe School. The carefully selected students who have been lucky enough to work with the skilled mentors from LCM have made great progress. I would recommend the service.’

Assistant Headteacher, Netherstowe School

‘Over a period of time we have seen the attendance increase in the young people who have benefited from this service. We have witnessed the increased confidence of some of the young people after they have engaged in the raising self-esteem work. Some of the young people have found they have benefited better in their family lives because they have been taught life skills such as positive communication, compromise and listening skills. The service they offer is valued and appreciated by our school, students, staff and stakeholders alike.’

Inclusion Manager, King Edward VI School.

Today was very powerful for myself, it felt as though this could have unlocked potential in the students. I learnt from them as well as them learning from ourselves.'

Volunteer - Bridge Builders

‘I've become more confident with the help of my mentor’ 

14 year old student

'Thank you, I can see such a difference in her’ Parent of a 16 year old

Thank you

‘I've got my boy back again, thank you!’ Parent of a 12 year old

‘I would recommend them as they have helped me get out things that have been continuously on my mind that I couldn't get out to anyone else’

15 year old student 

Can't thank you enough